Monday, October 3, 2011

The Camp-Out

The downstairs living room was cozy with the woodstove burning as we sat together watching a movie.  Too many week-ends have passed full of busyness and not enough of the kind of time where a movie could be started and watched to the end.  It felt good.  There were frequent pauses though: bathroom breaks, drink refills and a tray of snacks made and enjoyed.

During one of the longer pauses, I returned to find a large bed constructed from a NASCAR throw blanket spread across the floor in front of the couch.  Three small afghans were arranged individually with a pillow and some favorite stuffed animals from bed at each.  Three happy faces looked at me expectantly, waiting to see my reaction to their efforts.  It was explained clearly how this was their bed they were going to camp-out in it tonight.  The best, most convincing argument came from James.  He assured me they would be fine sleeping downstairs all night by themselves because he would take care of his brothers.

When Daddy came came back and the whole plan was explained again, he looked at me questioning whether it would really happen or not.  I smiled and said "we'll see how it goes".

I don't remember such willingness to go to bed before.  Jammies were put on, teeth were brushed and I was told just how tired they were.  Down the stairs they trooped.  Two minutes later the parade began.  Morgan was up to get books.  James came up to get his pumpkin lantern from last Halloween.  Morgan was up to get his pumpkin lantern.  Evan came up trailing James to find a flashlight.

After a few more trips up and down I followed to tuck them all in.  Three kisses goodnight, three prayers listened to, three "sweet dreams" were wished.  After about 15 minutes of listening to giggling, shouting and a general good time, Daddy went down to check on how the room was surviving.  Three little boys filed up the stairs with pillows and teddies tucked under their arms.  Daddy followed, "they're hot".  I guess so!  It was at least 30 degrees down there. 

And now, all are tucked snugly in their beds in their much cooler rooms.  The remnants of the camp-out left to be cleaned up tomorrow.  And even though the camp-out didn't last an hour, this night will be recorded in their memories.  It will be taken out and remembered, talked over and examined.  This was the night they camped-out downstairs all by themselves. 

Remnants of the Camp-Out

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