Thursday, October 13, 2011


This was what I found on our bed last night.  Those pieces of paper are very large sheets folded into four left there for us by James and Morgan. 

My boys love to make crafts, paint, draw, create.  In my usual thrifty fashion, I save the sheets of paper the newspaper flyers are wrapped in for the boys to use.  Usually I divide the large sheets into four so they are easier to work with, but often the boys get them out themselves and use them full size.  Sometimes they use the paper to paint colourful pictures; sometimes beautifully drawn pictures.  But these two full-sized sheets are not covered in colour or pictures.  And still they are among my very favorite yet.

These are our first love letters from our boys.

Morgan started it; James joined in just as enthusiastically.  With the big sheets of paper spread in front of them, I listened to them discuss what they were doing and how they should do it.  They looked each others' over and folded them back to their original size.  Off they ran to their bedroom to tuck them away.  Or so I thought... 

Although I had enjoyed watching their exchange, it didn't seem out of the ordinary.  So I was surprised to find the papers placed carefully, one sheet on each side of our bed.  They had followed me into our room and quickly said,   "These are poems for you and Daddy.  Do you like our poems?"

Do I like them?  I love them!  I don't really know what they say: they are rows made up of a jumble of letters, numbers and some squiggles.  But they were written for us by our two big boys and it really doesn't matter what they are supposed to say.  What matters is that they wrote us poems.  What matters is that they recognize the importance of putting their thoughts on paper and sharing them using this new medium.  What matters is that they used everything they know, as they know it, to tell us that they love us. 

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