Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Pure Joy

Is there anything that can fill you up with such pure, unadulterated joy as when you get to do that which you have been trying unsuccessfully to do for so long?

Nicholas experienced that right here:

Misty and Nicholas

Nicholas loves cats.  He lights up and makes a very specific, high-pitched noise when he sees our cats - or any cat.  For the first time Misty let Nicholas pet her.  All by himself.  He was overjoyed!

The most amazing thing about this is Misty has never been a cat to let many people touch her or even see her, least of all a baby.  I remember the wide-eyed, fear-filled moment when she jumped up on my lap only to discover two alarmingly scary, yet tiny, creatures there.  And that first meeting with James and Morgan didn't leave her anytime soon after that.  I don't think I saw more than a black streak run past me and out the door every morning for about a week.  She was terrified of them.  She's come a long way in five years.

And Nicholas got to reap the joy-filled benefit of that progress. I think she might let him touch her again sometime too.  He only pulled a little bit and his high-pitched squeal subsided after a couple of minutes.  She didn't even seem to mind the missing handful of hair.  And all this took place without Luke or I having to hold her still so he could touch her.

The smile on his face said it best: Pure Joy.

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  1. Wow! Start of a great cat love Affair?