Saturday, September 17, 2011

No Longer a Baby

My little baby turned 1!  Happy Birthday Nicholas!

Nicholas at 1 week old

You have made the past year so precious as you grew from the tiny babe sleeping in my arms for so many blissful hours into this bundle of energy and joy.  Your smile lights up my heart; your small hand holds my finger so tightly as you practice your steps with such unabashed bliss.

Nicholas at 1 year old
You: climb EVERYTHING, always have a smile, reach for things beyond your grasp, yell to get the attention of all your brothers, unload the dishwasher whether clean or dirty, ride anything with wheels or you can make move, unpack any box or basket with something in it, have a belly laugh when I tickle you, like to eat the cat food and spill their water, like your sucky but throw it when you're mad, can't lie still long enough to get changed, have a complete fit when something is taken away from you, love taking a bath - as long as a brother is in the tub with you, clear off the dresser top when I don't get you out of bed fast enough, hate wearing hats, claim all drink cups, play peek-a-boo with yourself, close any door you find open, love playing in water, almost always have something in your hand while you are crawling, lie down on your belly and kick your leg up in the air when you don't get your own way, clear out any cupboard that's not locked, don't like sitting backwards in your carseat, open the deck screen door and close it behind you, sit on your brothers whenever you can, love to eat cookies and toast with jam, have to be harnessed in any seat I put you in, laugh when I sign to you, play patty-cake, love to nurse but can hardly stay still long enough to finish, escape outside whenever a door opens, love animals, give great big juicy kisses, don't like taking naps or missing out on anything, love your Dema, see an unheld phone or remote control and your eyes light up as you head towards it, sing with us, love to play with balls, eat stones, crawl down the deck stairs to play on the riding toys outside then crawl back up when you are done, cling to my leg when you're hungry or tired, bring yourself back inside when you are finished playing on the deck, still don't have any teeth, and only nap for 30 minutes a day.

Climbing the slide
Riding the 4 wheeler

Playing in the water
And sometimes, when I am really lucky, you still fall asleep in my arms while you are nursing. 

You are also determined, stubborn, single-minded, loving, strong-willed, have a temper, laugh easily, play hard and give wonderful hugs.

You are such a blessing.  I love you more than words can express.

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