Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Summertime Flowers

One of the things I really enjoy in the summer are my flowers.  Although my flower beds often look as though they need some tender loving care, I do appreciate all the plants that survive my hit-and-miss attentions.  This year Luke and I built a flower bed in the front yard that I have been planning since we moved here.  First though, the ugly, smelly juniper bush had to go!  Thanks to Luke, Myles and the diesel, it's gone.

My flower bed

Here are photos of our work-in-progress.  Of course my plan included something much more elaborate, but this more realistic garden was the perfect suggestion from Luke.  I love the result.  I have many more flowers still to move, but it's beautiful just as it is.

Nicholas - my newest helper

Our beautiful Hibiscus

I stopped at the grocery store on Sunday and I couldn't resist buying one of the beautiful Hibiscus plants displayed outside.  They remind me of my Granny and I decided immediately that I needed a piece of Granny in my flower bed.  For all her attributes that were less grandmotherly than most grandmothers, she did have a green thumb.  (I truly missed inheriting this gift from her as my houseplants have to be drought survivors and very hardy to survive me.)  I can't wait to plant the Hibiscus and think of her every time I look at it.

But I think the thing I like the most about my summertime gardens are the vases of flowers that sit on the corner of my cupboard all spring and summer long.  They are always filled with the flowers (and sometimes just the flower heads) picked for me by my boys.  Everything from dandelions to lilacs to Queen Anne's Lace.  And every once in awhile, one of the flowers from my flower beds.

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