Monday, August 1, 2011

Child's Play

I love watching my boys play.  Their imaginations know no bounds or limits.  They are amazingly creative.  The three of them plan and discuss where things should go, how they should be piled, who should do what.  Sometimes they argue; mostly they agree.  Always there is a messy trail leading from the start to the end of their creativity.

Some days their favorite play is carrying around their teddies dressed in baby clothes that are now too small for Nicholas.  The teddies then join us for lunch at the table with their own tiny plates and food.

Sometimes our living room is a highway for trucks and building ground for blocks.

Some days the pillows, blankets, chairs and anything not permanently placed become part of a truck or a 'campsite' (that's what my boys call a fort).

Sometimes the cardboard boxes I piled up for recycling become airplanes complete with drawn on wings and are filled with the most bizarre cargo: a sock, blocks, teddies, some books, a blanket, shoes, markers...

And sometimes it's just the sandbox where the oddly shaped piles are actually pizza's or various parts to a spaceship.

 Today as I watched Evan put a small handful of sand in his mouth.  I said, "Evan, don't eat that, it won't taste good."  He immediately answered "It's tomato soup."  His very serious expression and tone made me wonder "how could I not have known?"!

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