Friday, June 24, 2011

Morgan's Maple Syrup

Morgan took quite an interest in making syrup this year.  His little mind was thinking and planning while we were talking and tasting.  He found himself a hammer and a nail.  He told "Uncle Paul" that he needed one of the pails sitting there being used.  Paul very kindly listened to Morgan as he explained his need of Paul's pail.  Morgan was going to tap a tree with his nail and hammer; he needed the pail to catch the sap.

With Paul's permission, Luke picked up a couple of spiles and metal buckets as we left the sugar bush. At home, a maple tree in the backyard was tapped.

Morgan - so proud!
Morgan's project became a family project.  We only had a few days when the sap ran, but it was enough to fill my freezer up with various sized blocks of sap.  It gave us time to wait for a beautiful day to boil the sap and for Luke to find something to boil the sap on.

Luke tending the fire

James and Morgan taking a turn

James on his tricycle

                  Time to play!
Morgan in the old, little sandbox
The big boys often help Evan over the rough spots

And take a little walk...
Even Nicholas had a dry place to sit

The syrup made was deliciously enjoyed with fresh baked biscuits and over pancakes.  Yummy!

After the whole experience, Morgan said he wants to drive a school bus when he grows up so he can make maple syrup too.  "Like Uncle Paul."

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