Saturday, June 11, 2011

Maple Syrup

The Sugar Shack
We all love pure Ontario Maple Syrup made by our good friend Paul Mader.  We like pancakes, french toast, fresh biscuits and even oatmeal or cornmeal cereal covered in maple syrup.  The most requested meal in this house is pancakes - breakfast, lunch or supper.

In April we put on our boots and set out for our annual trek through the Mader's Sugar Bush.  (Yes, I realize it is June and I am only now posting this, but sometimes my intentions are better than my follow-through.)

 It's become an event we all look forward to and talk about for a weeks before the trees are even tapped.  This year we invited our friends, the Smith's, to join us.

The sap pan when we got there, not yet boiling.

 First we checked out the operation - we explain each year how the Maple trees are tapped to collect their sap which is then put in the big pan and boiled over a hot fire until it becomes Maple Syrup.

James and Morgan helping to add firewood.

Next we set our for our tromp through the woods. 
Marion, Morgan, Luke and James
Marion and Evan
Mommy and Nicholas - notice the turkey feather in my hand
Porcupines at work

When we returned to the Sugar Shack, Paul had begun straining the syrup.  We had a delicious taste of fresh maple syrup and some maple sugar too.  It was yummy and oh so sweet!

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