Tuesday, April 5, 2011

James....My Helper

It's been very busy for days now.  I can't remember when the busyness started, but it seems to be unending.  Mostly my own doing as I am purging and organizing....again.  On top of that all 4 boys have been suffering with this lingering cough that goes on all day and all night - even now I can hear one of them coughing.  No one in this house is sleeping well.

Today I was able to accomplish everything I HAD to do by the time I picked the twins up from Nursery School and I was struggling to keep myself together at lunch.  Nicholas was put down for his nap; Evan and Morgan put themselves to bed soon after.   Savoring the quiet moments, I sat on the couch with my tea and found my eyes starting to close.  I don't nap, never have.  Today I almost did. 

Even though it wasn't long before Nicholas was back up, I still couldn't seem to get off the couch.  In fact, I lied down with my eyes closed.  I was only slightly aware of James moving around when I felt a blanket placed on me.  Soon 2 special teddies were snuggled in.  I heard the tap running and a cup of water was brought to me...then another one...and another one - in case my cough got worse (I don't have a cough).  Even when the baby complained about his toys being out of reach, James moved them all closer.  Then back to the kitchen to make me a snack.

James is a helper.  He likes to mimic Luke and I doing our various tasks, especially those that he has to work at figuring out.  He's so proud of the things he accomplishes and talks about what he did to help us again and again.  But today he didn't mimic anyone.  He put his helpfulness to work and took care of his "nice little mommy".

I have to admit, it made me proud to watch him through my slitted eyes.  He knew what he wanted to do and figured out how to get it done. 

And most of all, I felt truly loved. 

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  1. Michelle: Very nicely put. It all sounds quite in character for James. ... GrandDad