Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Enjoying Winter Together

Luke and I took our 4 boys on a hike.  We bundled up in all our snow clothes and off we went...bundled up just a little too warm.  It was tough going at first as we walked along some deep tractor tire ruts but once we climbed a hill to another pathway, it was a lot easier and a lot more fun.

I was so proud of all 3 boys as they hiked with very few complaints.  They trudged through the deep ruts, crunched through the crust,  fell and got back up - what troopers!

Trudging along the tractor ruts.  Notice the angle Evan is on in the sled.  He got out of the sled soon after and didn't want to get pulled any further.

This was our first attempt at pulling Nicholas.  This sled was too tippy so I went back and got a different one that went much smoother.

Evan's legs are short and he really struggled walking along the tractor ruts.  He insisted on walking though and wouldn't ride in the sled we brought for him.  I only carried him for a short distance as we caught up with the rest.

A much easier path.

We stopped for a snack along the way.

Morgan taking a turn pulling Nicholas.

James making a snow angel.

We tried tobogganing but it wasn't the right kind of snow for it.

James and mommy.

Evan and mommy.

Morgan and mommy.

Nicholas was snug and warm and slept most of the time we hiked. 

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  1. Glad to see all three were willing to walk, so you old folks didn't have to pull them the whole way. Little Nicholas is cute, even when he's mostly hidden under all that stuff. GrandDad