Thursday, December 8, 2011


We celebrated the twins birthday this week - twice.  My boys are 5!  How did they get to be that old already?

Sunday we had a birthday party for James and Morgan turning 5 December 6 and Evan who turned 3 November 24.  The boys were thrilled with having their family all here to celebrate.

On their birthday, we had our own family dinner - one of their favorites, spaghetti.  After eating Grandma's delicious cakes, I decided fresh baked cinnamon rolls would do for dessert.  3 boys had candles to blow out again.


While birthdays are meant to be celebrated, it's also a time for a mommy to reflect.  I watched my boys throughout the evening and marveled at the wonderful little men they are.

Morgan has a kind, loving nature.  He is sensitive to the feelings of others and makes a point to try to comfort them if needed.  Yet he is also a ball of energy that spontaneously bursts into jumping or dancing his way around the room.  He's very creative, leaving his mark on any blank space he finds.  He is a friend to all he meets and confidently introduces himself or offers a rendition of a favorite song.

James has a determined, helpful nature.  He spends a lot of time figuring out how things go together - blocks, lego, forts etc.  He loves helping with everything from setting the table to putting on Evan's coat to helping any of his adults with their various projects.  He considers himself a fine cook.  Although he is a confident boy at home, he is nervous of new places and events, relying on his trustworthy twin or his mommy. 

Put the 2 together and the things they come up with are limited only by their imagination.

I can't help but to think back to the day they came into the world.  They surprised us by arriving six weeks early.  12 days later they came home to be our Christmas gifts.

James and Morgan at 2 weeks old 

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