Saturday, November 20, 2010


My little Evan is such a sweetheart!  He has always been quiet and cautious, yet determined.  He's contented most of the time and he'll sit and watch the goings-on around him or happily entertain himself.  But from a tiny baby on, you know when he wants something!  It was always good that he determinedly stated his needs with two older louder brothers. 

He was an easy baby and such a joy.  I loved having twins but with twins comes extreme busyness and it was harder to really savour the moments.  But with my little singleton, I was able to spend more time savouring - even with 2 toddlers running about.  He happily sat and played on his own until he got moving and from then on he was in the midst of the hoopla doing just what his big brothers did.  Some of his first words included his brothers names. 

His birthday is next week, he'll turn 2.  Already.  He's growing up so fast, they all are.  Sigh.

At just under 2 years old, he talks in sentences using his large vocabulary.  Actually, there's a lot of times now when he just won't stop talking!  Like in the van driving anywhere, at the table for meals, getting ready for bed, sitting on the get the picture. 

And still he remains a very mellow little fellow.  Or so he was, until last week!

One evening he didn't want anything - didn't want to be talked to, didn't want to be ignored, didn't want to eat, didn't want to leave the table...  All I heard was this drawn out "noooo-oooo" sounding like a two syllable word that would be cute if it wasn't said so forcefully and repeatedly.  Well, a week later I am still hearing "no".  Thankfully I get these wonderful glimpses of my sweet little guy mixed in with the "no" man.

It makes me wonder...have the terrible 2's set in before he turns 2?  Or, is he getting some teeth? 

I'm hoping it's only teeth.  Especially after the melt down about lunch today that ended 45 minutes later with him climbing back up to the table to "eat yunch" where he proceeded to eat everything he had just refused, pushed away or thrown on the floor. 

If it is the terrible 2's I may have to re-evaluate my thoughts on the twins being harder than the singleton.

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